Public Speaking

This program is designed for university students, teachers of English, as well as business people who want to develop their skills in public speaking. This course focuses on the components necessary to deliver a well rounded speech for any particular subject in English using appropriate and vivid language. Some of the topics that will be covered during the course are Ethics and Public Speaking, Critical Thinking and Public Speaking, Analyzing the Audience and Public Speaking in a Multicultural World.

This training will help our participants to understand the basic Principles of Public Speaking in Action. How to formulate specific purpose statements, to analyze and adapt to audiences, to organize ideas and construct outlines, to assess evidence and reasoning, to use language effectively, and to use critical thinking which is one of the most valuable components of Public Speaking. This program reflects the diversity of life in our modern world and encourages an inclusive approach to the art of Public Speaking. To qualify for this course an intermediate to advanced level of English is required.

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